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Align T-REX 100S Super Combo KX022005 RC helicopter






Align Trex 100S Review

You're probably familiar with Align's bigger helicopters, but the T-rex 100s is Align's first entry into the micro helicopter market - one which, arguably, the E-Flite Blade series dominates. The Align T-rex 100s is a fixed pitch micro helicopter with some interesting bells and whistles.

Align offers both a combo and a super combo. The difference between the Super Combo and the Combo is that the Super Combo comes with 4 Align branded rechargeable nimh batteries for the included transmitter and the 2 port Align CH100 Lipo charger for the batteries.

The first thing you'll notice is the packaging,the heli comes un-assembled - which means the head isn't attached and the canopy isn't installed. It is typical Align style, it's very nicely designed with embossing, silver print, die cut logo cardboard inserts, a vacuum formed tray and disposable slip case for the transmitter.

The front of the box for the Super Combo shows most everything included with the kit. From left to right, the 2.4Ghz transmitter, helicopter, dual battery charger with two 1S 150mah lipos and 4 Align branded nimh AA rechargeables for the transmitter. Also included but not pictured is the flight sim software, the screwdriver and the spart parts bag.

Open the box and there's two more boxes - the left one contains the heli, the right contains the transmitter.

The transmitter box, notice the nice die-cut Align logo on the cardboard insert. (Yep, we're reaching here.) This box contains the flight simulator software, the batteries, the dual lip charger, the simulator usb cable and the transmitter.

The heli box with a silver embossed Align logo. This one contains the heli, the two 1S 150mah lipos, the screwdriver, the canopy and the spare parts bag.

Once we were done checking out the packaging, it was time to start digging into everything. A quick browse of the manual told us about a few features that you wouldn't probably notice.

The 100s transmitter has a "simulator" port on the back for use with the included flight simulator, but I prefer to fly with Phoenix, so I got to wondering. The transmitter has no control switches, so you've got no idle up or throttle cut, but everything else works great.

Basically if you're an Align fan-boy, it's an ideal heli, if you don't care about brand, you can also go for other similar helis.


Focus Shot1(High precision head assembly) Focus Shot2(Model-leved micro servo) Focus Shot3(Aluminum alloy main shaft and high efficiency coreless main motor)
Focus Shot4(High efficiency coreless tail motor) Focus Shot5(AT 100 Transmitter) Focus Shot6(1.2V / 1600mAh Ni-MH Chargeable Battery)
Focus Shot7(3.7V / 150mAh Li-Polymer Battery) Focus Shot8(CD-ROM ) Focus Shot9(CH100 Lipo Charger )
Focus Shot10(USB Cable ) Focus Shot11(Simulator Cable) Focus Shot12(Philips Screwdriver PH00)
Illustration:(Compatible with Flight Simulator)
Illustration:(Charging method for transmitter's Ni-MH batteries)
Illustration:(Using the charging receptacle on transmitter to charge helicopter battery)
Illustration:(Using the CH100 Li-Po charger to charge helicopter battery)
Instructions: Specification:

* Utilizes AFHDS 2.4Ghz frequency hopping technology for interference avoidance and stability.
* Radio transmitter consist of computer simulator output compatible with 3rd party R/C airplane and helicopter simulation software, and includes an adapter cable for computer simulator.
* Supports MODE 1/MODE 2/ MODE 3 controller modes.
* Design encompasses both agility and stability characteristics.
* Utilizes hobby grade micro servos and reinforced frame design for flight stability, crash sustainability, and longevity.
* NiMh/Lipo battery charging capability, capable of charging while flying.
* Convenient USB charge port, allowing PC USB port or any portable 5v USB power adapters to be used for charging the transmitter NiMH battery.
* Charging status and power capacity display.
* Blue backlit LCD display panel.
* 5-in-1 electronics board consisting of receiver, ESC, headinglock gyro, servos, and mixing functions.

Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters.
Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.

* Length:202mm
* Height:82mm
* Main Rotor Diameter:192mm
* Tail Rotor Diameter:36mm
* Weight(w/o power system):27.8g
* Flying Weight:Approx 32g

* T-REX 100S Kits set x 1
* AT 100 Transmitter x 1
* 1.2V / 1600mAh Ni-MH Chargeable Battery x 4
* 3.7V / 150mAh Li-Polymer Battery x 2
* Simulator Cable x 1
* CD-ROM x 1
* CH100 Lipo Charger x 1
* USB Cable x 1
* Philips Screwdriver x 1

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