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July, 2013

How to Set Up the Tarot T-2D Gopro brushless Gimbal?

The tarot gopro brushless gimbal is still a good gimbal for gopro hero 3, many friends are asking how to set it up, how to connect all the cables, here bellow are some pictures show the setting ups: 1. Control board: connect to pc, please install the driver when you use this usb for the …Continue reading

Walkera QR X350 Review: Walkera Phantom

Walkera QR X350 Review Walkera X350 looks quite a bit like a mixture of walkera w100 and dji phantom quadcopter, but it’s more of a walkera typical quadcopter, the biggest breakthrough as a walkera is it’s camera mount, makes it a real FPV thing! It adopted the skid landing of qr x400, quite a great …Continue reading

DIY Gopro Brushless Gimbal

The Gopro brushless gimbal is by any means a good stuff, but sometimes you may need to take the gopro hero 3 off and reinstall it, those gopro brushless gimbal(we take tarot gopro brushless gimbal as example) will cause lots of trouble, we are introducing a simple way to avoid the troubles: Please refer to …Continue reading

DJI Zenmuse Gopro Review

DJI Zenmuse Gopro Review: DJI Zenmuse Gopro is absolutely a good choice for gopro players. The DJI Zenmuse Gopro named H3-2D brushless Gimbal is another milestone in gimbal innovation, it is designed especially for the GoPro Hero3 camera. It comes with high precision, high stability, lightweight, plug and play incredibly convenient features, it is widely …Continue reading

Tarot FY690S TL68C01 Overview

Tarot FY690S TL68C01 Overview: Tarot fy690s is the new version foldable 6 axis multicopter from tarot company, it’s also made of pure carbon, the motor seat is the newest one, and the leg is a bit longer than the fy680, they are of the same price lol Main characters of the tarot fy690s: Tarot TL68C01 …Continue reading

Which Gopro Gimbal is the best?

There are more than many gimbals in the market for gopro, there are ones driven by brushled motor, also others are driven by brushless motor, everybody will like brushless one better. We are here discussing which gopro gimbal is the best. There are very cheap gopro gimbals on internet for sale, we tested a few …Continue reading

Suggestions on installing the Gopro Brushless Gimbal to DJI Phantom

Suggestions on installing the Gopro Brushless Gimbal to DJI Phantom: The DJI Phantom is a very cute and functional quadcopter ever since it’s releasing, we must say dji has done a great work. But the camera mount that comes with it is not that a satisfactory, we’ve tested many different gimbals for it and we …Continue reading