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August, 2013

Align T-REX Funfly 2013 Compaign

ALIGN T-REX Funfly 2013 Compaign The align trex funfly 2013 has just finished on 26th,Aug. Not like before, it was held in Shanghai,the greatest pilots from china mainland and taiwan has Participated the compaign, the weather was really hot, and the compaign was even hotter:) Some nice pictures for the helicopters in the game: Trex …Continue reading


Walkera QR X350 Out of the box with Photos

Just got the walkera qr x350 devo f7 , opened the box, actually aluminum box,looks really amazing, too much like the dji phantom, a very different camera mount though. Lots of detailed pictures here Comes with devo f7, will test it out this weekend.


How to install gopro gimbal to walkera qr x350

Many people now know, the walkera qr x350 is compatible with the gopro camera and gopro gimbals,just like the dji phantom, it can hold the gopro gimbal too, but as stated in my other article before, you will need to drill holes to install the gopro gimbal onto the dji phantom, we found another way …Continue reading


Walkera Pandora Warrior Review

Walkera pandora warrior is, as you know from the name a warrior, it’s strong and powerful, and look like a warrior. Actually it looks very like those warships in the movies, not as big as them though, army colored, nice shaped.not as noise as the ships. It’s equipped with high quality camera, will offer you …Continue reading


Suggestions on Tarot T-2D Gimbal Shaking Problem

There are many rc friends report the shaking problem of tarot t-2d gopro brushless gimbal, we have noticed them, and here are some suggestions on it, are from other rc friends’ experiences, hope it will be helpful for the other friends that have the same problem. 1. UPdate the firmware to the latest version. 2. to loose the screws a bit as per the …Continue reading