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September, 2013

DJI Phantom Vision Preview

The DJI company has passed us a new infromation that there is a new version of dji phantom that is on the way, it will be phantom generation II, named dji phantom vision, it looks it also comes in white, similar in shape, but it will be equipped with camera and WIFI video downlink to …Continue reading


How To Convert Flybared 450 To Flybarless?

How To Convert Flybared 450 RC Heli To Flybarless? There are many friends who has flybared helicopters want to upgrade it to a flybarless one, we’ve been asked many times, here bellow are some suggestions, we take tarot helicopters as example: First of all, you will need to change the rotor head of course, to …Continue reading


DJI 5D2 Gimbal Overview

DJI 5D2 Gimbal Zenmuse Z15-5D2 is the newest DJI Brushless Camera Mount, Compatible with 5D 5D2 5D3 Mark II III Camera,it’s different from the DJI Zenmuse Z15 GH3 Camera Mount. We heard this Z15-5D2 working with a Alexmos Controller. Main datas for the dji 5D2 gimbal: Compatible with 5D 5D2 5D3 Mark II III Camera …Continue reading