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October, 2013

DJI Phantom 2 Vision- A Flying Camera

DJI Phantom 2 Vision- A Flying Camera The newest dji phantom 2 vision is supposed to be a flying camera, it looks just like the older version dji phantom, but with upgraded features. The Phantom 2 Vision is a stronger, smarter aerial platform in every aspects, with more powerful battery, more efficient propellers,all these means …Continue reading

Install Tarot T-2D Gimbal On DJI Phantom II

It’s actually not a very difficult job to install the tarot t-2d gimbal to phantom, take the following steps and you will make it: 1 Find two studs or aluminum cylinder which has srew on one side, hole on the other side,the screw is 3.0mm. 2. Get 2 scews like the one bellow, and make …Continue reading

Tarot 685PRO: PRO Version of Tarot fy680

Tarot has worked out quite a few good quadcopters, the fy680, fy650, fy690s, iron man,etc, each one are similar but has their different features. Here now comes the tarot 685pro which will be the pro version of fy680, or you can say it’s version 2 of the most popular one, its upgraded to a PRO. …Continue reading

Tarot ZYX-S Gyro vs ZYX-S2 Gyro

Tarot ZYX-S Gyro vs ZYX-S2 Gyro The tarot zyx has always been a hot gyro in the rc world, there are normal version tarot zyx-s which is used for normal receivers, also the zyx-s version for the receivers with satellite, both are for helicopters. The newest one which is arriving soon tarot zyx-s2 will also …Continue reading