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March, 2014

Walkera iLook VS Gopro Hero 3

The walkera company finally worked out their first camera, walkera ilook camera, i mean professional camera, not like toys. it’s compatible with walkera qr x350pro quadcopter, and other quadcopters too, it looks similar to the gopro hero 3. it weighted and sized very similar to gopro hero 3, but the price is too much less, …Continue reading


Walkera iLook FPV Camera Review

Walkera iLook FPV Camera Review The Walkera iLook FPV Camera is a Built-in video transmitter and Fatshark goggles compatible,an all-in-one FPV camera.No extra video transmitter to install or extra battery to carry; this can translate to space saver, value for money.It’s available now, the retail price is 119usd, it is the same size as gopro …Continue reading


Tarot fy690s hover 20+minutes

Tarot fy690s hover 20+minutes i was surely not a professional in fpv things, but always try. firstly started with f450, practised for more than 1 month, finally i was ready for a bigger one, the fy690s should be a typical model of tarot quadcopter. Item list for the combo: frame: tarot fy690s motor: sunnysky 4108/380kv …Continue reading