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June, 2014

Tarot 4 axis Backpack TL2886

Tarot 4 axis Backpack is compatible for Phantom 1 and Phantom 2, has a highlight of impact-resistant, lighter, more practical, very convenient.

How Do Coaxial RC Helicopters Work?

All micro coaxial RC helicopter work the same way. They have two separate electric motors that drive each rotor. Each motor drives a main gear. At any rate, these two main gears turn two main rotor shafts. The outside shaft that powers the lower rotor is hollow and the inner shaft that powers the upper …Continue reading

Blade Protection

There are so many blades were broken as they put the propellers in wrong place. Hope this article can help the new users to decrease from broking. Such as 2408 motor, many beginners are broken paddle with 2408, because 2408 is a long shaft. The correct way is cut the shaft 2408 and mounted to protect …Continue reading

Walkera G-3D Brushless Gimbal will be available soon

Walkera G-3D using High precision brushless motor driving control system, another good choice for Walkera iLook, Walkera iLook+, Gopro3, Gopro3+ Camera.  

Lithium Polymer (Li Poly) Batteries Rating

Lithium Batteries are also know as LiPo, Li-Po, LiPoly, and Li-Poly. The lithium battery means below: Pack voltage (depends on cell count; each cell is 3.7 V) Capacity (mAh) “C” rating (describes the rate at which power can be drawn from the battery) Lipo Battery Cell Voltage The nominal voltage of each cell in the …Continue reading

Backpack for Phantom 2 Vision+ DJI Phantom 2 FC40

Backpack for Phantom 2 Vision + is general-purpose portable backpack, suitable for DJI Phantom/ Phantom 2 Vision/ DJI Phantom 2 vision+, compatible with Walkera QR X350 as well.

Choosing the best lipo battery for your helicopter

To select a battery for your rc helicopter, first you need know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously. If the motor in your rc helicopter is rated to work with 11.1V, you would need a 3 cell battery. If you need to draw 20A, and you would like …Continue reading

How the Swashplate works on RC Heli

How the Swashplate works on RC Heli In order for the rotor blades of an RC helicopter to change pitch, there must be a way to transform the linear motion of a servo arm into the rotating motion required by the rotor blades; this is accomplished by using a swashplate. The swashplate is a mechanical …Continue reading

Imax B6Mini Charger Skyrc B6 Mini

Imax B6Mini  is upgraded version of Imax B6, compared with B6, this B6Mini Charger has new features and functions with its super compact size. Smaller size, bigger power. Compared with B6, the power and charge current are 20% up. Users could connect B6 Mini to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. What’s more, users …Continue reading

Main Rotor Blades Replacing

The main rotor blades can become cracked in a severe crash and pieces can break off. While it’s completely possible to fix small cracks and dings with some medium CA glue and accelerator, this can negatively affect blade balance and make the helicopter vibrate. It’s easier and faster to replace the old blade so here’s …Continue reading

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