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August, 2014

To make 6 axis rack more perfect (3)

Install the flight control, much better than before Again a close-up Complete, buttoned, a machine arm could tilt the whole body Call it a day and wait for the test This is the folding picture


To make 6 axis rack more perfect (2)

More closer Power Wires on the back of the bottom plate Weld the ESC Line to the bottom plate, it becomes very neat and tidy.  


To make 6 axis rack more perfect (1)

After installed a 6 axis rack tarot Quadcopter, there are many unsatisfactory, I then made ​​some adjustments to be installed using Lotte ESC, This improvement was mainly changed locking screw into snap locking, with increasing the weight 100 grams, change the lower plate, CCL corrosion circuit, neater installation, take-off weight up to 6.3KG. Other configurations …Continue reading


The difference between Flybarless and the Flybarness

The control of Flybarness Micro Rudder is more precise and spin perfect, but there need to be manually corrected if there is wind or not adjusted well, then crooked off slowly away, Installed easy, but difficult to tune than Flybarless helicopter. No matter how big the wind the Flybarless helicopter won’t crooked off, it may …Continue reading


Tarot Iron man 1000S 8 axis Aircraft

Tarot Iron Man 1000S,  the newest 8 axis aircraft,  uses new plastic motor mounts, and increase the height of the Landing skid. The rack uses imported 100% pure carbon fiber woven 3K Toray high temperature and pressure prefabricated full CNC precision machining, 2.0 thickness  pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber plate. The entire rack containing landing skid weighs only …Continue reading