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March, 2015

Walkera Voyager3 VS. DJI Inspire 1

Walkera Voyager3 VS. DJI Inspire 1 There are many friends asking us which one is better, the walkera voyager 3 or dji inspire 1, it’s hard to say which one ie better or worse but we can make some comparision between them: Firstly, in appearance: they are quite similar, the walkera voyager 3 seems to …Continue reading


Testing Tarot 250A mini Shuttle Rack W/ Tarot OSD/GPS/CC3D

Thanks for tarot’s work on all the electronics, i’ve got the complete set, including tarot 250A rack, osd, cc3d,gps, esc, motor, it’s not difficult to install them, if you have the earlier version of cc3d, then you may got a headache from welding the plug, but the newer version are all right. Everthing looks well …Continue reading