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Walkera AIBAO Quick Start Guide & Manual

The Walkera Aibao has just come out from the Walkera company, this new drone has breaken out all of the walkera drones, it comes with 4K camera, the radio will return automatically, the radio is 8 channel. The walkera AIBAO supports FPV and Game mode, means you will get a player at the same time. …Continue reading


Walkera F210 3D Edition VS. Walkera F210

The Walkera company has just released a new upgraded verison of the furious 210, walkera f210 3d edition,it looks very like the old version, but as it’s name indicates, it has more functions: First of all, the most important is that it’s 3D function like a rc helicopter, you can hover just like a helicopter …Continue reading


New Products: Walkera Furious 320 FPV Racing Drone

Walkera Furious 320 FPV Racing Drone is a brother of the walkera runner 250, it comes with transformable design which will bring you ¬†higher speed, the battery for this drone has bigger volume than the runner 250, this will prelong the flying time. It’s a bit bigger than runner 250 as you can see on …Continue reading


How to Install Gopro Camera to Walkera TALI H500

Usually the walkera TALI H500 comes with the walkera g-2d or g-3d gimbal and ilook or ilook+ camera, but if you already have a gopro camera and you don’t want to buy another walkera camera, then here you will find the way to install the gopro to this copter: 1. To prepare gopro camera with …Continue reading


Walkera Goggle 3 VS. Walkera Goggle 2 FPV Glasses

Walkera Goggle 3 VS. Walkera Goggle 2 FPV Glasses Not satisfied with your old normal goggle? then have a look at the walkera goggle 3,it’s the first 3D fpv goggle from walkera, it’s mainly different in the following aspects from walkera goggle 2: 1, It’s a 3D video glasses, you can use Goggle 3 watch …Continue reading


DIY FPV Goggles

We’ve seem lots of people talking about fpv goggles, diy fpv goggles, chossing fpv goggles, if you have enought $$ then you can just pick a good one and bring it home. If you want to get one with less $$, then you can try diy. First of all, prepare 2 pieces 3 inch snow …Continue reading


Walkera New Runner 250 Advance GPS Version Highlights With Photos

Walkera New Runner 250 Advance GPS Version Highlights With Photos The new walkera runner 250 advance we know comes with GPS, and the motors are in red color, so it looks a bit different from the old version, please refer to the photo bellow   Also this one has the following highlights: 1. With GPS …Continue reading


Which Flight Control Is Better for Racing Drones: APM or CC3D

Which Flight Control Is Better for Racing Drones: APM or CC3D We have heared a lot people discussing if APM or CC3D flight controller is better for racing drones,most people think cc3d is faster, apm is too slow for racing rack, is it true? Actually, you can also use the APM flight controller on racing …Continue reading


Differece Between Walkera Runner 250& Runner 250 Advanced

The walkera factory has released the newer version Walkera runner 250 advanced, it comes with 1080 hd camera which makes it more Professional. Actually, there are also a few other features of this new model: Fristly, it has GPS function, which makes it easier for beginners to fly safely. Secondly, it has buzzle alarm function …Continue reading


Exploded Zero Xplorer V Quadcopter

Exploded Zero Xplorer V Quadcopter The zero xplorer V is another good choice for fpv quads, with it’s cool appearance, complete functions, reasonable price. We assume there are many friends want to see the exploded picture for this machine. ¬† Just as we can see, the zero xplorer is a flyer which can be splited …Continue reading

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