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To make 6 axis rack more perfect (1)

After installed a 6 axis rack tarot Quadcopter, there are many unsatisfactory, I then made ​​some adjustments to be installed using Lotte ESC, This improvement was mainly changed locking screw into snap locking, with increasing the weight 100 grams, change the lower plate, CCL corrosion circuit, neater installation, take-off weight up to 6.3KG. Other configurations …Continue reading


The difference between Flybarless and the Flybarness

The control of Flybarness Micro Rudder is more precise and spin perfect, but there need to be manually corrected if there is wind or not adjusted well, then crooked off slowly away, Installed easy, but difficult to tune than Flybarless helicopter. No matter how big the wind the Flybarless helicopter won’t crooked off, it may …Continue reading


How Motor and Propeller match

Usually this is how motor and propeller match: 3S battery: 1060 or 1047 propeller is suitable for KV900-1000 motor,  9 inch propeller match as well 9050 (9 inch propeller ) for KV1200-1400 motor 7 inch or 6 inch propeller for KV1600-1800 motor 5 inch propeller for KV2200-2800 motor 4530 propeller for KV3000-3500 motor 2S battery: …Continue reading


Propeller size

We usually see 4 digits before the propeller. The first two digits refers to the diameter of the blade, which is the length from one end to the other paddle head. Units is Inches. It should be noted that 10 or more refers to 10 inches! Example: 8040 propeller refers to 8 inches diameter, screw …Continue reading


Essential tools for the Model lover (4)—Ball Link Pliers

Many model lovers have needle nose pliers instead of Ball link pliers so that they damaged many ball links and balls, they spent more money on replacing them than the pliers cost, not to mention the frustration. Here we recommend Tarot New Ball Plier.  


Essential tools for the Model lover (3)—Screwdriver

The sizes of Screwdriver you use most often on a heli are usually 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, & 3.0 mm. The best advice here is to start with a decent quality basic set like Tarot Hex Screwdriver. On RC helicopters, you mostly find Phillips Heads, but you may come across flat head, and very rarely Torx. …Continue reading


Essential tools for the Model lover (2)—Blade Balancer

The Carbon Fiber Blade Balancer is another amazing “must have” RC helicopter tool. It can be used for main and tail rotor balancing on all sizes of helis, engine cooling fan balancing, airplane propeller balancing, RC car and truck wheel balancing, and of course Multi/Quad rotor propeller balancing.


Essential tools for the Model lover (1)—Pitch Gauge

The Pitch Gauge of helicopter is essential to correctly set the pitch angle and range of pitch on your main rotor blades on collective pitch RC helicopters. It is one of the most important RC heli specific tools you absolutely must get if you are getting into collective pitch. You may get very basic ones …Continue reading


ZYX 3-axis gyro debugging & solving

ZYX firmware Restore factory settings Procedure: 1: Use the USB data cable to connect ZYX 3 axis gyro and computer software, powered by the channel to CH4, COM port of software correspond with hardware COM port (note that the entire upgrade process does not click the link). 2: Open ZYX firmware upgrade file using ZYX …Continue reading


450L VS 500 helicopter, which one is better for the beginner?

Recommendation is 500 size to start. 450L is a small aircraft and very fast, the power level of 6S is too strong for 450 Body, 3S power will be better. It flew almost simple 3D later had to change. Although 500 is big in size and maintenance is expensive, but the 3D action can be …Continue reading

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