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Choosing the best lipo battery for your helicopter

To select a battery for your rc helicopter, first you need know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously.


  • If the motor in your rc helicopter is rated to work with 11.1V, you would need a 3 cell battery.
  • If you need to draw 20A, and you would like your rc helicopter to have a 10 minute (1/6th of an hour = 6C) flight, you would need a battery with 20A / 6 = 3.3A = 3300mAh.
  • This means you would need to put a 3s 3300mAh battery with a C rating of 6 or higher in your rc helicopter.
  • RC Battery has a LiPo battery for almost any electric RC helicopter.

Always Remember These LiPo Safety Instructions

  • Remove the battery pack from your rc helicopter before charging.
  • Only use chargers designed to work properly with lithium polymer batteries.
  • Always place your LiPo on a fire-proof surface while charging or use a LipoSack.
  • Never leave your battery unattended while it is charging.
  • Never charge a lithium battery if it is below 3.0V per cell.
  • Never charge a lithium battery that is puffed up, or damaged in any way.

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