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DIY Align Trex 150 DFC

Align Trex 150 is surely another success for mini 3d helicopters,there are too many reviews about it already, and we just found a good save for money for this helicopter, not to diy the whole helicopter, but the servos, actually also some other parts.

The Align trex 150 that everybody knows, a little picture about it:

trex 150

As we know,the ds150 servos has 6mm coreless motors,when we disassemble them,found the gears are completely compatible with the other ones that we have, this is a real great news, as these gears are really cheap.

trex150 replacement gear

trex150 replacement servos

We now change the servos for the other one, we call it trex 150 replacement servos, it’s much cheaper, but has similar speed and strength with the original ones.Now it’s done,flies just as good as it did.


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