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DIY FPV Goggles

We’ve seem lots of people talking about fpv goggles, diy fpv goggles, chossing fpv goggles, if you have enought $$ then you can just pick a good one and bring it home. If you want to get one with less $$, then you can try diy.

First of all, prepare 2 pieces 3 inch snow screen,magic mirror,image transission rx, battery and a few cables and connectors, that’s all what we need.


Then we fix the 2 screens, put the 2 fixed screen into the magic mirror,fasten the image transission rx and battery, everything is done.

diygoggle-2diy goggles

Just one thing to mention, the quality of the screen is very important, so make sure you get the proper one. Usually this DIYs are much cheaper than the branded fpv goggles

diy goggles

in the market.


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