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DIY Gopro Brushless Gimbal

The Gopro brushless gimbal is by any means a good stuff, but sometimes you may need to take the gopro hero 3 off and reinstall it, those gopro brushless gimbal(we take tarot gopro brushless gimbal as example) will cause lots of trouble, we are introducing a simple way to avoid the troubles:
Please refer to the following photos, as you can see, there are 2 screws here which will help us do the job, install them in a different way.
diy gopro brushless gimbal
step 2, just need 2 pieces of rubber bands, put them on as it is in the picture.

diy gopro brushless gimbal 2

You now see how it looks from the back side:
diy gopro brushless gimbal back
The tarot gopro brushless gimbal is perfect for gopro 3, but the gopro 3 may go down sometimes which will force you to take the battery out from the backside, also this DIY will make data transfer and plugging USB easier.


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