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Diy Tarot 685PRO

The newest version tarot quadcopter tarot 680PRO is still on the way, some friends can’t wait anymore and diy the 680pro with the new parts from tarot.Here are a sample of the diyed 680 pro,

tarot 680pro 680pro-diy2 680pro-diy3 680pro-diy4

it has taken it’s maiden flight successfully. The datas are as bellow:
Tarot 680PRO fram ,4822 390KV motor,hobbywing patium 30A OPTO ESC,NAZA-M V2 flight control,DJI IOSD mini,DJI 1045 propeller(will change to 1555 propellers),2pcs 3S 4000mAhmade up a 6S 4000mAh battery(actually it will be better to have a more powerful one), gimbal is not ready yet, total weight 2.5kg.Here are some photos of my completed work.


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