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DJI Inspire 1–Everything you need for aerial filmmaking

DJI Inspire 1–Everything you need for aerial filmmaking

dji inspire 1

dji inspire 1

DJI’s newest and best ever design– dji inspire 1,si a high-tech, flexible four-rotor aircraft. dji’s most advanced technology comes together in any easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.The main features of this quadcopter:

First of all, Highly integrated, ready to fly. Inspire 1 ensure powerful at the same time, minimize weight, ensuring the flexibility and stability of the system. Assembly can be completed in just a few minutes.

Secondly, Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoot. Get a full, unrestricted 360°
view of the world below and create images like never before.

Thirdly, Shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos with the Inspire 1 camera. The lens consists of 9 seperate elements, including an aspherical element, for extreme clarity, while Adobe DNG RAW support gives you the power to make every shot a masterpiece.

Fourthly, Live HD view. This is made possible by an all new and improved version of DJI’s Lightbridge technology which can transmit video from up to 2km away.

Lastly, Wireless HD videolightbridge technology built in.

It’s in the last testing stage, will be available in 1 week.


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