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DJI NAZA-M V2 Tarot FY680 Setting

DJI NAZA-M V2 Tarot FY680 Setting

There are always some friends asking how to set up dji naza-m v2 with tarot fy680, we will explain the parameters in detail for different drones with naza-m v2 or Lite. We take the most used walkera devention 10 transmitter for example to introduce the setups:

Firstly, download the dji naza-m v2 software and manual from, install both of them on your pc.

Secondly, fill in the basic information of your drone.

For the other information we didn’t mention, you can just ignore it, select Nor for the receiver, then do the transmitter adjustment, click Done when it’s completed.

Bellow are the set ups for the devention 10:

A. enter the main menu, select Model Menu, choose device output, set the parameters as following:

1. Gear—FMOD—Active

2. Flap-AUX5-Active

3. Aux2-MIX-Active

4. Aux3-AUX4-Active

B.Then Choose Function Menu—Reverse Switch


2.Aileron- Rev

3. Throttle-Nor





8. Aux3-Nor

C. Then Select Function Menu-Sub Trim, set the Gear to +6%, and Aux2 to -6%.

D.Select Function Menu-Travel Adjust

1. Alevator U100% D100%

2. Aileron L100% R100%

3. Throttle H100% L100%

4. Rudder L100% R100%

5. Gear +84% -84%

6. Flap U100% D100%

7. AUX2 +87% -87%

8. AUX3 +100% -100%

9. AUX4 +100% -100%

10. AUX5 +100% -100%

E. Function Menu-Fail Safe

1. Elevator>Fail Safe 0%

2. Aileron > Fail Safe 0%

3. Throttle > Fail Safe L40%

4. Rudder > Fail Safe 0%

5. Gear > Fail Safe +42%

6. Flap>Servo Hold

7. AUX2> Fail Safe +92%

8. AUX3> Servo Hold

9. AUX4> Servo Hold

10. AUX5 > Servo Hold


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