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How Motor and Propeller match

Usually this is how motor and propeller match:

3S battery:

1060 or 1047 propeller is suitable for KV900-1000 motor,  9 inch propeller match as well

9050 (9 inch propeller ) for KV1200-1400 motor

7 inch or 6 inch propeller for KV1600-1800 motor

5 inch propeller for KV2200-2800 motor

4530 propeller for KV3000-3500 motor

2S battery:

9050 propeller for KV1300-1500 motor

7060 propeller for KV1800 motor

5X3 propeller for KV2500-3000 motor

4530 propeller for KV3200-4000 motor

The relationship of propeller Size and the current: the bigger the blade, the  greater the efficiency of the thrust generated.





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