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How to Install Gopro Camera to Walkera TALI H500

Usually the walkera TALI H500 comes with the walkera g-2d or g-3d gimbal and ilook or ilook+ camera, but if you already have a gopro camera and you don’t want to buy another walkera camera, then here you will find the way to install the gopro to this copter:

1. To prepare gopro camera with video output cacble and 5.8G Transmitter TX5803/5804;

2. Release the 2 2*4 scews to release the camera fixing bar;
3. Install the camera into the gimbal, fixing it with the camera fixing bar, fasten the 2* screws;

4. Take off the gimbal leveling rod;
5. Install the transmitter onto the bottom of the drone with tapes;
6. Plug the transitter power cable into the drone’s power output port(DS 12V);

7. Connect the gopro video output cable to the 5.8G transmitter image signal cableg
8. Now the connection between gopro camera and 5.8G transmitter is completed.


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