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How to setup Tarot zyx gyro

During the setup procesure of the tarot zyx gyro, the first step is to check if the copter could fly normally, then we will set it up step by step following the instruction.

1. Set up for Helicopters
Firstly, check the body of the rc helicopter to make sure all the components on it work properly.
Secondly,Check if the main shaft and tail shaft are even before install the central part of the main shaft;put the throttle at the lowest position, turn on the transmitter and receiver; Hold the skid landing of the helicopter with one of your hands while put the throttle up little by little, the motors are working now, you need to check if the main shaft and tail shaft are even, if there is no shakes then it’s normal.

2. Set up the zyx gyro

1. Set the transmitter up according to the manual;
2. Set up the gyro step by step according to the manual.
3. You will finish it smoothly.


Set the medium point pitch to 0 degree;
1. Enter the throttle curve menu on the transmitter and put the throttle up to 50%;
2. Adjust the linkages to make sure the pitch will be kept at 0 degree.


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