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Lily Drone: Is It Possible?

Lily Drone: Is It Possible?

We recently all know about the self-flying drone that follows you around and films you, the Lily Drone, it’s easy to fly, waterproof, follows you, return to your palm, sounds really exciting and it’s only $499 to preorder one, are these technologically possible?

lily drone

lily drone

Waterproof, this is technologically possible,but the waterproof cover will increase its weight.

Return to your Palm? We all want it to be true, but it’s very difficult,even a little bit inaccuracy, it may hurt your hand:(

Follows and films you. This is definitely possible, we just need to accept it’s time-delay.

Throw and fly, this is a very good idea and direction for consumer-level drones,but also difficult to the drone to know when should it start to fly, to confirm by speed or player to turn it on? if we need to turn it on then we need to be fast.

We always like new things,good things,ideas, innovations, we do hope this Lily Drone will be a real product in the next year!


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