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Multicopter & Flight Controller FAQ

I’ve been thinking about writing an article about the frequently asked questions about rc quadcopters and flight controllers, to help the other friends avoid making more mistake on this, and to make their learning easier. I’ve finally writen this article,we are written based on our expenriences, we welcome the friends to leave your comments and sugestions to help more people.

Questions about GPS Position Mode Flying

Ask: GPS Position Mode will bring us the most stable performance?

Answer:No.When the GPS system can not well positioned because the GPS signal is poor, GPS coordinates of the vehicle will become unstable, therefore, we recommend you to use Position Mode flying when the GPS signal is poor or there is no GPS signal.

Ask: In GPS Position Mode,why can’t the position of the copter be locked very well?

Answer: It might be caused by poor GPS Signal; or you forgot to do the adjustment for the radio.

Ask: In GPS Position Mode, why does the airline flying always going off it’s way?
Answer: It might be caused by poor GPS signal; or GPS wasn’t fixed very well, or GPS installation direction is incorrect.


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