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New Arrival: Tarot T810A 6 Axis Folding Rack Quadcopter

There were tarot fy680, tarot tl65b01 which are also foldable quadcopters, this tarot t810A is not only bigger in size than the previous one, but also stronger, just take a good look of the metal grips, it won’t break.


Main features of tarot t810A:

The shortcut fold can be directly equipped with safe and reliable line, avoid the use of plug connection circuit.
The cover is used M3 head nut self-locking in the carbon fiber board, the thread structure using a unique design of the self-locking screw technology,
Has excellent resistance to lateral vibration.
The fast folding part of independent innovation Dia 40 metal dovetail groove Falcon riveting structural design, with strong clamping force.
Full carbon tube folding, the excellent damping non-slip feel.
Lightweight two-color motor seat multi-axis CNC machining, the overall design has a strong perspective effect for the body of the air Striking visual direction. Standard current within the lock-in-one anti-skid gold-plated hub.
Flight load of 3 kg design compressive load 15 kg.


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