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RC Helicopter Beginner how to choose helicopters

Some people don’t understand rc helicopters very well, they have no idea how to buy a rc helicopter, don’t know what kind of rc helicopter is suitable for him. There are many rc helicopter beginners are losing much money because bought a not suitable rc helicopter, or because he doesn’t know how to manage it. So what should rc helicopter beginners do when choosing a rc helicopter?

1,choose the seller.

Since Helicopter Activities is in air, so it will fall oftenly, crashes may result in damaged accessories. So we’d better choose those suppliers that also offer original parts for the rc helicopter, this way, you will find it easier to get replacement parts if you crash it later. That will be too bad if you can’t fly your rc helicopter again just because damage on a few parts which you can’t get anywhere. So it is important to consider accessories.

2, Choose the size of rc helicopters.

RC Helicopters are very different by the meaning of size, a lot of people who do not really know about rc helicopters always think the bigger rc helicopter the better, even for children’s toys. Actually this is not correct, the suitable one is the best one, especially for children, even the children to buy toys aircraft also blind pursuit of bigger is better, in fact, this is not right, the right is the best, especially for children , the security should be more important than the size of the aircraft. The most common remote control helicopter are as follows, small one with a total length of about 10 cm, medium 20-40 cm, 50 cm or above we call it big rc helicopter. Smallest aircraft usually are flying indoors, light weight, paddle intensity is small, there is generally nothing dangerous with it.

3, Choose channels of rc helicopters

For rc helicopter beginners, we sugges the small three or four channel electric RC helicopters. More channels a RC Helicopter has, more function it has, at the mean time, more difficult to control. Generally start with three or four channel rc helicopters, and then play six channel will be much easier.

4, Choose remote control helicopter performance

Also we need to pay attention to the quality of remote control helicopters, different qualities of the aircraft, although the same in appearance, performance will be very differenct, of course, prices will vary a lot. We recommend good brands, such as Walkera, Align,tarot, for toys, the syma, wl are good.

5, Flight time height of remote control helicopter

No matter electric or gas powered rc helicopters, continuous flight time is relatively short, generally only fly for 6-18 minutes or so, this was due to the battery capacity and fuel volume limit, it is a common problem for all remote control aircrafts , so do not believe some of the bad business publicity for continuous flight 30 minutes or one hour, it’s impossible both theoritically and practically by the current technology. If you want to play longer, you can can replace the battery, means put 2 batteries on the rc helicopter, when the first one run out the other one will start automatically, this way flying  time will be doubled.


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