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RC Helicopter Troubleshooting

When a RC helicopter begins to act strange you may take the RC helicopter down and inspect every part of the RC helicopter.

Look over the way the parts if they were installed and see if you did the proper installation.trouble-rc-helicopter-2

Try to work from the tail rotor all the way to the canopy. There could be potential problems that you will not know about until it is too late.

This might seem like an inconvenience but it’s better than crashing and paying money for a crash that could have been avoided.

When the radio and receiver are turned on, that’s when you are supposed to notice anything different with your helicopter. Hear for noises that come from the servos.

Are they working properly? If the servo inspection goes well, while securely holding the main rotor, turn on the engine and hear how the engine sounds.

Does the engine sound normal?As you fly more and more you will know how the engine is supposed to sound to you.

Just remember that if at any time the RC helicopter acts funny put that helicopter down and run the trouble shooting technique.

Please don’t ignore this tip.

Trust me, you will develop your own technique but for now just follow what’s on this site. Use this site as a good trouble shooting source or go to the forums to find what you can’t find here. But please make sure you find the problem or you will be spending money on parts due to a crash.


One last thing that I want to mention is that if you have a problem with the RC helicopter while in flight, try not to panic just bring the RC helicopter down slowly. Bringing the RC helicopter fast will just make controlling the helicopter harder.

Try to stay calm while slowly lowering the RC helicopter down to the ground. Once it’s on the ground be sure to inspect it thoroughly.


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