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RC Servos Suggestions

RC Servos is the power source for remote control models, as long as the servos are inseparable with the dynamic models, the different types of remote control model also will require different types of servos.

Servos are simply divided into the following categories:

1 by the models that use the rc servos: aviation model servos, navigational model Servos , rc car servos.
Aviation model requires speed and high precision servos
Navigational model needs waterproof and large torque servos
RC car steering torque is large and requires a certain waterproof,These features are relative.

(2) In accordance with the rudder signal status: analog servo, digital servo
Analog servo is slower while digital servo faster

3 According to gears they use: Plastic Gear Servo, Metal Gear Servo
Plastic Gear Servo somewhat less intensity but cheap,and is power saving
Metal Gear Servo generally has greater strength but more expensive

4 According to the dimensions (empty mold): Standard

Servo. 9g Servo, 8g servo, aileron servos
standard servos are larger
9g servos much smaller
8g Servo is smaller than 9g servos
Aileron servo is relatively easy to put into thin flat wing but wider than the standard servos

5 By Purpose (Nitro Airplane): throttle servo, aileron servo, fin / rudder servo
Throttle servo does not require excessive torque requirement and the entire steering gear is reliable because the reliability of the entire aircraft engine throttle is the most powerful parts of the vibration,. Aileron servos on the size and accuracy requirements,Fin / rudder servo requires large torque level high precision


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