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Suggestions on installing the Gopro Brushless Gimbal to DJI Phantom

Suggestions on installing the Gopro Brushless Gimbal to DJI Phantom:
The DJI Phantom is a very cute and functional quadcopter ever since it’s releasing, we must say dji has done a great work. But the camera mount that comes with it is not that a satisfactory, we’ve tested many different gimbals for it and we find this tarot gopro brushless gimbal is a stable and high quality. Here bellow is a simply suggestion for how to set it up on the dji phantom: Step 1: Remove the hang components of the gimbal. Step 2: Open the phantom, and connect the power cord through the first tripod hole, extending out. Step 3: Drill hole at the bottom of the phantom according to position of the 4 aluminum cylinder. Step 4: Use a sponge rubber ring height tripod. Now the installations is done, you have the phatom equipped perfectly with a brushless gimbal now, here bellow is a picture for reference of the intalled tarot gopro brushless gimbal on a dji phantom, hope you will like it.


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