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Coaxial Tail Rotor

Coaxial Tail Rotor Review (2)

Tail Drift: Tail drift makes sense when you realize one thing about vertical tail rotor: it is in all ways similar to the rotor blade of a single-rotor heli, RC or real. Thus, it creates a torque effect when it spins, just as a real heli’s rotor blades do. However, unlike a single-rotor heli, it …Continue reading


Coaxial Tail Rotor Review (1)

Tail Lift: Tail lift at first seems obvious, but on closer look it is actually quite interesting. When a forward command is initiated, you’ll recall from my forward flight section on Coaxial Quirks that the tail rotor creates lift on the tail, right? Well, when the main rotors are spinning fast enough to enable a …Continue reading