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How to balance Blade

How to Balance Blade (4)

Other things to consider Before you do balance a propeller, measure the distance from the inside of the hole to the tip of each blade. The distances should be equal. If there’s a inconsistent between the two measurements (if there is, it shouldn’t be much), carefully sand back the longer blade until both sides measure …Continue reading


How to balance Blade (3)

The alternative method, especially on small diameter propellers, is to leave the hub as it is and balance the blades. You can either add weight to the lighter blade, or remove weight from the heavier one. To add weight to a lighter blade, tape can be added to the back side of the blade. This …Continue reading


How to balance Blade (2)

Step 2: once you’ve determined that there is a difference in weight between each side of the prop, there are two ways you can attack the problem… One is to balance the hub of the prop. This method is better for props of, say, 8″ and upwards. Anything smaller and the job gets a bit …Continue reading