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Tarot FY690S TL68C01 Overview

Tarot FY690S TL68C01 Overview:

Tarot fy690s is the new version foldable 6 axis multicopter from tarot company, it’s also made of pure carbon, the motor seat is the newest one, and the leg is a bit longer than the fy680, they are of the same price lol

Main characters of the tarot fy690s:

Tarot TL68C01 Uses Toray carbon fiber 3K weave carbon fiber plate and hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tubes) full CNC machining. Design standards higher than similar products, the entire chassis weighs only 600 grams. S version uses Dia16MM new multi-axis motor mount to back new brushless ESC position, can be directly tied to use. Color eye-catching color overall design has a strong perspective impact. High requirements for portable users design, especially suitable for do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high performance requirements of mobile equipment and require relatively little load multi blank endurance applications. “Detailed specifications refer to Accessories Help”

Just got released earlier this month, more reviews is coming…


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