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VC200 Electrical Helicopter Maiden Flight

VC200 Electrical Helicopter Maiden Flight

The VC200 electrical helicopter has taken it’s maiden flight successfully, it has been tested several times, for a few minutes everytime, and it went up to 22 meters. The 18 axi propellers and disassemble design makes it a reliable helicopter, it’s expected to fly as far as 100kms, up to 6500 feet,hold 2 passengers, and it could be auto-controlled.
electrical helicopter
This could be the future of individual aircrafts, take the place of the complicated helicopter and the airplanes which requires special tracks.
electrical helicopter
The driving room and skids are positioned right down the propellers, makes it much convenient.We hope it would be more efficient though.


All the helicopters were powered by gas, one of the reason is that electrical ones has only 1 engine, it will die if the engine stop working. This new kind of electrical helicopters has multi-motors, this makes it avoided the 1 engine problem, hope the flight time and capacity could be improved sooner.


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