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Walkera F210 3D Edition VS. Walkera F210

The Walkera company has just released a new upgraded verison of the furious 210, walkera f210 3d edition,it looks very like the old version, but as it’s name indicates, it has more functions:

First of all, the most important is that it’s 3D function like a rc helicopter, you can hover just like a helicopter too, while the F210 can only turn around.

Secondly, the walkera f210 3d version comes with upgraded flight controller, receiver, esc and propeller, which makes it suitable for 3d flight.

Thirdly, most of the parts for these 2 versions are compatible, even the propeller, but if you want to fly 3D, then you can’t use the older propeller.

As we can see, the prices for these 2 versions are quite similar, so we do believe this 3D version will be a good buy.


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