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Walkera G-2D Gimbal Troubleshooting

Many friends are using the walkera g-2d gimbal, and meet different problems in making it
work properly, most of the time it’s just because they didn’t set it up correctly, and
some of the rules are not included in instruction, here we have listed some of them:

1. If you do not need to use radio to control the gimbal, please set the SW switch to 0,
and adjust V1 V2 to 0 as well;

2. If the remote control can only control one channel of the gimbal(usually choose to
Control PIT-pitch), please switch SW to 1, and adjust the direction + of V1 or V2 to the
right angle, if you don’t use the channel, please have V1 or V2 at 0. For example, if only
control PIT channel, just adjust certain angle in the direction of V1+,while the unused V2
must be set in 0;
3. If you want to use the PIT and ROLL channel, please switch SW to 1, adjust direction +
of V1,V2 to a certain angle, the larger the adjusted angle is, the wider the angle to the
steering of the gimbal and the angle will be increased to a max of 90 degrees accordingly.

This gimbal is a good choice for the x350 and x350 pro, you sometimes just need to give it
a bit more patience:), and it’s economical anyway!


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