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Walkera G-3D brushless gimbal installation Instructions

Walkera G-3D brushless gimbal installation Instructions

The walkera G-3D brushless gimbal is finally available now, and here is a installation instruction, hope it would be helpful for some new pilots.

1.Use 2 M3*8 screws to install the gimbal fixing block into the bottom of the fuselage.

2. Align the gimbal chute with the fixed block, then install it into the bottom of fixing block in the direction of the arrow.

3. Fix the spring into M3*12 screw, then align the screw with the threaded hole and tighten to fix the gimbal.

4. Install the camera to the gimbal, fix it with the camera fixing frame(make sure the gap close to the lens), then use 2 M2*4 screws to tighten the camera fixing frame.

Welcome to message us if you have any suggestions or questions about this gimbal.


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