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Walkera G-3S Brushless Gimbal Preview

Walkera has designed the Walkera G-3S brushless gimbal after the Walkera G-2D,G-3D , this gimbal perfectly supports Sony RX100II cameras, high-accuracy brushless DC motordirect-drive control, compact design, made in aluminum alloy.

Walkera G-3S brushless high precision brushless gimbal: make simple, stable, perfect support Aony RX100II camera.
Light weight design: aluminium alloy, high strength, light weight and so on, and precise control of pitch and roll angles.
Pitch angle:-130 ° – +90 °
Roll angle:-45 ° – +45 °
Brushless motor: brushless motor specially designed for G-3S, compatible with the latest attitude control system, timely and correct flying attitude, make the footage more stable.
High precision control system: new attitude control systems, can greatly overcome thechattering during the shoot, make the images to achieve the best results.
Supports online upgrade: support programs online for free upgrades, shoot flying more secure.
Technical parameters:
G-3S characteristics and technical parameters:
1. Sony RX100II video camera aux output
2. supports supply voltages compensate
3. support motor driver-side short circuit protection
4. to support the initial pitch or roll angle custom
5. supports joystick mode and speed mode
6. support for conventional receiver
7. Working voltage: DC 7.4V~28V (recommended for 12V, three lithium battery)
8. current: 600mA-700mA (associated with the supply voltage and motor power)
9. working environment temperature:-15 ¡æ ~65 ¡æ
10. sensor: three-axis MEMS gyroscopes and three-axis MEMS accelerometer
11. Control accuracy: 0.02 °
12. control range:-135 ° ~90 ° (elevation) and-35 ° ~35 ° (roll)
13. equipment: Sony RX100II
14. dimension: 134x166x147mm (length x width x height)
15. weight: 340g (without camera)
16. the controller program through the Hua Cole official website online upgrade (UP02and UP02 adapter is needed)
It’s coming soon…


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