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Walkera Goggle 3 VS. Walkera Goggle 2 FPV Glasses

Walkera Goggle 3 VS. Walkera Goggle 2 FPV Glasses
Not satisfied with your old normal goggle? then have a look at the walkera goggle 3,it’s the first 3D fpv goggle from walkera, it’s mainly different in the following aspects from walkera goggle 2:

1, It’s a 3D video glasses, you can use Goggle 3 watch 720 p HD 3D video.

2, 360° Outdoor FPV aerial photography and head tracking.The gimbal will bring the camera to achieve real-time tracking following the wearers’ head action.

3, Stereo experienceUse 3.5mm 3 degree headphone jack, stereo audio output.

4, Low voltage alarm sound.When the voltage is too low, it will trigger alarm beeps.

5, 5.8G reception, 32 selectable channels,with standard 5.8G antenna and 5.8G mushroom antenna for long-range transmission.Goggle 2 offers only 8channels to select from.

We can see the walkera goggle 3 is more advanced than the goggle2, but price is also more advanced.


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