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Walkera Ilook+ VS Walkera Ilook Camera

Walkera Ilook+ VS Walkera Ilook Camera

We all know the walkera ilook camera, which looks like the gopro,works great with the walkera qr x350pro and qr x350, there are basically some disadvantages with it, such as the Pixel,Resolution,range and so on.

First of all, the pixel, this new walkera ilook+ is 13 million, while the older version walkera ilook was 1 million;

walkera ilook+

walkera ilook+

The Range(image transmission range), the walkera ilook+ is 1km, while walkera ilook is 500m-1000m;

The walkera ilook+ will support as much as 64G Micro SD Card, while the walkera ilook is 32G;

It’s not available yet, but will be soon, the price will be higher than the older version as well though, we are waiting to test them.

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