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Walkera QR X350 Pro Problems & Troubleshooting

Walkera QR X350 Pro Problems & Troubleshooting

The newest walkera phantom-like quadcopter, you know the walkera qr x350 pro performs really nice, we seen some friends flied them and found there are a few problems which actually are not problems that can’t be shoot, we will just list a few common ones:

The first one we noticed was that some friends forgot to connect the little signal wire which goes cross the skid, this way the quad will not bind to the radio whatever you do, the signal light will flash at the first moment, and then keep blind.

The second one was that you may use your radio for different models, and you were playing 3d lasttime, so the 3d stick was positioned at a totally wrong place for quadcopter, this will cause a crash actually an upside down, so don’t forget to place it at the right position.

The last but most important one is, many friends experienced a very annoying phenomenon,they have to power the quadcopter up everytime after they landed, they don’t understand what’s the problem is, we tested the same quadcopter and it did in a different way. Actually that’s because they landed too harshly, and the quadcopter take it as a crash and powered off automatically to protect the quadcopter. It’s very easy and might be hard for some others to handle.

We will update when we found more common problems…


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