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Walkera Scout X4 & Walkera Tali H500, Which is better

Walkera Scout X4 & Walkera Tali H500, Which is better?

We have had quite a few friends asking us should they choose the walkera scout x4 or walkera tali h500, which is better. This is actually not a very complicated question, it depends on how you want the copter to be, we will just state some of their differences.

The Walkera Tali H500 is 6 axis, 6 axis is more stable than 4 axis, this is unquestionable; both of them are compatible with gopro camera; both of them are using a 22.2v 5400mah battery; ¬†Walkera Scout X4 is more expensive, but it’s equipped with ground station, you can even control it with ipad if you like or your transmitter is taking a break…

In conclusion, the Carbon version Scout X4 looks really cool, powerful and more expensive, H500 is more stable, and it depends on which you like:)


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