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Walkera Tali H500 VS DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

Many people told us they’ve been thinking about get an all-in-one FPV multicopter, not sure which one to go, especially don’t know if the dji phantom 2 vision + or the walkera tali h500 will be better, here bellow we will make a basic comparision between them.

We do think DJI is more reliable as there are more people are flying them, they’ve been tested more than enough. But it’s hard to make a final decision as the dji phantom 2 vision + is 4 rotors, while the walkera tali h500 is 6 rotors multicopter, the 6 rotors will be more powerful and also bigger in size.

Walkera h500 also has its advantages, such as it’s camera can be changed to gopro, while dji phantom comes with it’s camera and can’t be changed, and the walkera radio is more professional than dji,but the dji phantom is compatible with futaba radio. Also it adopted 22.2v 5400mah battery which will provide a 20+ minutes flying time, while dji phantom adopted 11.1v 5200mah battery which provides around 15 minutes.

People say if we say the dji phantom 2 vision + is like iphone 5s, then the walkea h500 will be note 3:)


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