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Walkera Voyager3 VS. DJI Inspire 1

Walkera Voyager3 VS. DJI Inspire 1

There are many friends asking us which one is better, the walkera voyager 3 or dji inspire 1, it’s hard to say which one ie better or worse but we can make some comparision between them:

Firstly, in appearance: they are quite similar, the walkera voyager 3 seems to be a bit stronger as the fixings and transmutable skids are made from CNC material.

Secondly, transmutable function. This is the main advantage of these 2 drones, and they are actually different. The walkera voyager 3 makes the gimbal and skid transforms at the same time, which allows 360 degree photography, while dji inspire 1 makes propeller and skid transforms at the same time. Theoritically transmutable legs looks nice but not as safe as transmutable gimbal, as the gimbal usually won’t affect the safety of a quadcopter.

dji inspire1 vs. walkera voyager 3

dji inspire1 transforming

dji inspire1 vs. walkera voyager 3

walkera voyager 3 transforming

Thirdly, Gimbal&Camera. Both of them are 360 degree brushless gimbal and 4k camera, but walkera’s gimbal used not to be as stable as dji’s.

Fourthly, Flight controller. Walkera voyager3 used APM flight controller, and dji’s flight control is also ok.

Lastly but which is also very important, price, 700usd difference.

We can surely compare them in other ways, and actually it depends which one you like better.


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