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ZYX 3-axis gyro debugging & solving

ZYX firmware Restore factory settings Procedure:
1: Use the USB data cable to connect ZYX 3 axis gyro and computer software, powered by the channel to CH4, COM port of software correspond with hardware COM port (note that the entire upgrade process does not click the link).
2: Open ZYX firmware upgrade file using ZYX debugging software.
3: Keep your computer, USB data cable, and ZYX gyro connection (note: no need to connect any other gyro electronic equipment) and hold the “SET” button, the red light starts flashing then you can release the button.
4: After power gyroscopes kept the red light flashes, then click on the “Start Upgrade” button, enter the upgrade mode, the gyro will restart automatically after a successful upgrade.
5: Make sure your document is applicable to upgrade your gyro otherwise will cause damage completely, after upgrade successfully you do not need reset gyro.


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