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Compass TracX Flybarless System CPS-11-1000



Compass TracX  Flybarless System CPS-11-1000
Compass TracX Flybarless System, Made by MSH the unit will be available as combo package when purchasing a Compass helicopter and also separately. The new Unit is compatible with the IKON and MSH Brain. You may need other RC heli parts.
Compass TracX  Flybarless System 1
Compass TracX Flybarless System Introduction:
  • Team pilot setups of David Ketelhut, Eric Brandenburg, Daniel Jetschin And Sebastian Zajonz will be available for download making setting up your helicopter easy. Included with the unit comes double sided tape and and assortment of harnesses including an USB cable.
  • The TracX flybarless system is a compact unit with extensive potential. The high-quality sensor technology is insensitive to vibrations and allows very precise and highly effective controlling. Outstanding is the very direct feeling of control. Compared to other flybarless systems here is a clear difference can be felt ? the helicopter feels really connected. The internal governor is working with many speed controllers and enables predictive control. The automatic stabilization helps beginners and advanced pilots learning new maneuvers and strengthens the feeling of safety.
  • Of course, the TracX flybarless system has two ports for DSM2 and DSMX Satellites and also supports Futaba S-Bus.
  • A manual is the software itself, which is available for free download. A setup routine will guide you through all the settings. Help texts explain the effects of the various parameters. The setup of our team pilots can be easily used and placed on benchesso you can quickly access a perfectly flying model.
  • The bench switching allows the testing of several setups. Here, they can change all the parameters.
Compass TracX  Flybarless System 2
Compass TracX Flybarless System Features:
  • Single piece unit (34x29x14mm)
  • Nitro and Electric
  • Latest gyro technology
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Easy to setup wizard through PC software
  • Advanced panel for Expert fine tuning
  • Supports for separate receiver, Futaba S-Bus, Double Spektrum Satellites (DSM2, DSMX)
  • Support up to 560 Hz cyclic servos
  • Support for 560 Hz 760s Tail Servos
  • Governor
  • 3 Different flight modes switchable from tx (all flight parameters available in each flight mode)
  • Autostabilization functions
  • Front power bus integrated (8,4 Volts)
  • Online firmware updateable
  • Flight mode status led
  • Onboard mini usb connector
Compass TracX Flybarless System Package Content:
  • TracX Flybarless Unit
  • Connector Cables
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Pads

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  • Manufactured by: Compass

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