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Esky D700 6 Channel 3D Collective Pitch Flybarless RTF Helicopte





Esky D700 6 Channel 3D Collective Pitch Flybarless RTF Helicopter

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Esky D700, the latest Esky Flybarless Helicotper, many customer will be impressed with the plastic head assembly, this Esky D700 enter the Esky range under the brand new revolution series.

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Esky D700 Introduction:

You are looking at Esky’s newest and latest D700 3D 450 sized 6 channel collective pitch helicopter. ESky fans will remember the lineage of belt cp helicopters. The D700 is their successor. This all new helicopter boasts loads of new and improved features. The chassis frame itself is slimmer and more robust. The newly redesigned 35amp speed controller has larger cooling fins and a superior capacitor to aid in cool and efficient running. The aluminum rotor head is also redesigned featuring a more robust and solid construction. The 120deg swash plate is a mix of composite and aluminum aiding in slop free operation. Digital 7.5g servos are smooth and precise allowing accurate control. The new and improved head locking gyro combined with the digital tail servo is easy to setup and makes the tail feel rock solid. The entire radio system is totally redesigned and is loaded with plenty of programming features even if you decide to use this radio for other projects. Features you will find in high end systems from the likes of JR and Futaba can be found in this radio. Dual rates, Expo, swash mix, servo speed, and the list of features in this radio goes on and on. The large and bright LCD screen is easy to navigate and read. It is also powered by a 3.7v 1100mah lithium battery allowing for efficient operating time. The charger is also redesigned too. No more mystery black box with flashing lights. The new charger is capable of charging 2-3 cell lipos and an LCD screen has the ability to display voltage for each individual cell being charged. To finish off the entire new look and feel Esky has presented in their new line helicopters, the manuals now come on a 1GB SD memory card. Needless to say this whole new lineup is very impressive. 

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Esky D700 Features:

  • It is the first full sized (700mm) proper flybarless model from Esky and has been completely designed from ground up with 100% new parts, this is not a remake of any other esky model but the first of a complete revolution in their range.
  • The heli oozes quality in comparison to their older models and we are very impressed with the new revolution design.
  • The first thing to strike us is the new frame design which is thicker and looks much stronger, it has the motor mounted underneath where battery has always been on esky models and the battery sitting at 45 degrees up top. This is a much better design which has been used on the bigger brands for a while.
  • The Esky D700 3G helicopter also boasts carbon fibre main rotor blades, an alloy centre hub on the head and a part alloy swashplate for extra strength and precision. The tail is servo controlled with an up rated servo as well as the other 3 servos being upgraded over the standard one they have used for years. Finished with a nice blue/silver canopy and all black boom and fins the heli looks sleek and much more robust then previous models.
  • Supplied with a huge 480 (4200kv) brushless motor and finally with an upgraded 35 amp esc leaving the old 25 amp one that has always been an issue on esky models in the past.  A powerful 11.1v 2200mah 30C lithium polymer battery and a newly designed charger to match with LCD display, again finally doing away with the cheap balancer esky have always used. Finishing off with digital servos all round Esky have really gone all out on the new revolution range of helis, with the D700 3G being a great choice for someone looking for a full sized (700mm) helicopter.
  • This is a BNF (Bind n Fly) model which requires a 6 channel radio system and a gyro to complete.

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Esky D700 Specification:

  • Length:645mm
  • Height:225mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:725mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter:146mm
  • Pinion Gear:10T
  • Main Gear:140T
  • Main Tail Drive Gear:110T
  • Gear Ratio:14:1:5
  • Weight: Approximately 773g (with Battery)
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Esky D700 Package Includes:
  • 2216 Brushless Motor
  • 35A Brushless ESC
  • Tail Locking Gyro
  • 7.5g Tail Servo
  • 7.5g Swash Servo
  • 2.4GHz 6 Channel Transmitter
  • 6 Channel (Receiver)
  • 11.1 V, 2200 mAh, 30C LiPo Battery
  • 3.7 V, 1100 mAh LiPo for Transmitter
  • 2, 3 Cells Battery Charger (Connection Wire included)
  • 1 Cell Battery Charging Wire
  • USB connection Wire
  • Setting Module
  • Transmitter Holder (with Parts for Assembly)
  • 1G SD Card
  • Tool Pack 1 set

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  • Manufactured by: Esky

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