Basic Buying Guidelines for the RC Helicopter Novice

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Basic Buying Guidelines for the RC Helicopter Novice

Postby clark1965 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:40 am

RC helicopters provide many hours of pleasure, both outside and inside. Model helicopters are available in a vast assortment of sizes and a spec, which means you are certain to find one you actually can enjoy and one that will not cause too much damage to your wallet. Most helicopters for beginners can be controlled from a range of one hundred feet, (more or less 30 m). This allows lots of space for flying in the home or even aerobatic moves out in the garden. With many varieties to pick from, how does one choose the ideal model? There are a few key factors, besides cost, especially in terms of RC helicopters for beginners. The main things beginners need to consider are:

The tiniest "micro" type of RC helicopters are able to easily fit in your hand, whilst bigger models can be a few feet in length. Your mini helicopters are perfect when it comes to indoor amusement, but because of their size, they can prove difficult to fly outdoors other than when there is virtually no wind at all. Obviously, large RC helicopters are not designed to be flown indoors, so if you want a helicopter for indoor fun, the micro models would be a better choice.

The speed as well as maneuverability of helicopters can vary enormously. Those helicopters utilizing much more sophisticated control systems are usually ultra powerful, which in turn makes them very attractive options for those interested in aerobatics. Nevertheless, these are generally not the best helicopters for beginners, and in fact, rookie pilots may find them almost impossible to handle. Given that RC helicopters utilizing sophisticated equipment tend to be rather pricey, crashing one can also end up costing you a small fortune.

A simple means by which to see whether or not a particular model is a suitable RC helicopter for beginners, intermediates, or advanced pilots, is always to look at its actual transmitter system. How many channels does the transmitter feature? As you may well imagine, extra channels will mean additional parameters, and that in turn will require more skill. The main distinction between beginner helicopters and expert helicopters would be that the more simple designs include fixed pitch rotors whilst the more advanced helicopters feature adjustable pitch. Generally speaking, 2-CH and 3-CH machines are the best RC helicopters for beginners, while 4-CH machines on the other hand tend to be best for more advanced pilots. Nobody should try to fly advanced 6-CH RC helicopters before they've accumulated many hours of practical experience with a 4-CH machine.

Power Supply
Nearly all entry-level helicopters will be driven by means of electrical motors using rechargeable power packs, although nitro gas designs may also be bought. Nitro gas driven helicopters have got the setback of being noisier, but on the other hand, it's possible to simply refuel and then continue flying. Electric powered designs are quieter, but need to have their battery packs charged frequently. The most affordable helicopters for beginners all tend to be electric powered, therefore in this price range, you simply won't have an option other than to purchase an electric powered helicopter.

When it comes to children, one needs to bear in mind that even the more basic 2-CH and 3-CH RC helicopters demand a lot of perseverance to master. While they may certainly be great RC helicopters for beginners, young kids will almost always have more fun with RC cars or even RC boats.

Lastly but not least, flight time is actually an additional concern. Typically, the entry level RC helicopters will probably only be able to fly for approximately 5 to 10 minutes between charges, although certain models may have removable battery packs, so having a few spare batteries can help you get around this. offers high quality, affordable RC helicopters for beginners that are perfect for hours of family fun.

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