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Flying Your RC Helicopter

Postby clark1965 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:10 am

Flying an RC helicopter is real fun. It’s very exciting to watch your RC helicopter do stunts in mid air with you holding the controls and controlling all its movements. You can choose from an Electric RC controlled helicopter that runs on battery which is easy and less complicated and does not need a lot of technical knowledge or the Gas RC helicopter that runs on fuel that requires a little bit of technical knowledge and maintenance but gives you the real experience. Both these helicopters are equally challenging to fly and you need to gain confidence with the controls. These RC helicopters will cost you between $100 to $500 depending on the model and make.

Before you start flying your RC helicopters make sure you read the whole manual very carefully. It’s the first step towards the smooth flying of your RC helicopter. You have to be very cautious and safe when using your RC helicopter. Make sure you understand all the diagrams well and place all the parts in place. Carefully configuring your RC helicopter is very essential .Make a good check on all the throttle linkages and make sure they are in the right position. Keep a count on the number of lock tite screws you use while fixing up your helicopter, the lesser screws the better. You can preserve the life of your mixing levers by taking good care of your foam blade holders. Before you start flying the RC helicopter make sure you get a preflight list prepared and be sure to stick to it every time you start flying. Make sure this list includes everything from the safety to the transmitters, linkages, screws, radio and also check for the weather conditions before you go out to fly your RC helicopter. Another thing you should look out for before flying the RC helicopters is the surrounding. Never fly your helicopter in some place that has a number of electric poles and line near by.

Remember that learning how to perfectly fly will take you some time, as time passes you will improve in your flying skills. An RC helicopter can fly at a speed of 80mph and can go as high as 10000 to 12000 feet. Practice flying your RC helicopter in all directions backwards, forwards, to the left and right before you really try any stunts and damage it. Flying RC helicopters is a perfect alternative to the real helicopter; you learn the basics of flying the helicopter when you learn to fly the RC helicopters. Some serious RC helicopter pilots would definitely prefer the noisy helicopter over the quiet one, they believe the more complex the mechanism of flying the more exciting and attractive and more close to flying the real helicopter. If you think like that then a gas powered RC helicopter would be the perfect choice for you. Whatever be your choice of your RC helicopter the make sure you take enough of time to learn how to fly it adequately or you might end up crashing it. Each time you crash your helicopter you will end up spending hundreds of dollars.
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