Gas RC Helicopter: Are These RC Helicopters Better?

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Gas RC Helicopter: Are These RC Helicopters Better?

Postby clark1965 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:54 am

One last reason is that gas RC Helicopter is the best thing you get before you move to ultralight helicopter. Thus one you have a gas RC Helicopter you don't have to require yourself to upgrade unlike if you have an electric RC Helicopter. Of course the experience is still much different if you are flying the full-size helicopter. Nonetheless both the electric and gas RC Helicopter are enough to keep you hooked with the experience of flying. You can move to gas RC Helicopter if your skill is enough to fly an engine powered one. Identify the size. RC Helicopter whether it is electric or gas comes in different sizes and identifying what is the size you need is important.

If you want to start the hobby you can start on one model and start from there. Can you set it up yourself. You might question the danger it can present to the RC Helicopter pilot. The reality is homebuilt helicopter are as stable as any other types of helicopters provided it flies on a good weather condition.

How much are RC Helicopter simulators? An average simulator would cost around $160 for CSM and $220 for RFD with the cable that connects to your tx. Some people swear by them. Turn the rudder trim half way off center so that the heli is doing a complete 360 once every 2 seconds or so. Do not touch the rudder now! Only use the collective. Try and slowly fly around without touching the rudder to do this you need to continually be adjusting the cyclic since the helicopter will always be pointing in different directions. so you can land your helicopter in the sim now but can you make it land where you want it to precisely? Work on this.
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