How do I Learn About RC Helicopters?

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How do I Learn About RC Helicopters?

Postby clark1965 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:17 am

Remote control (RC) helicopters combine daring aeronautics and extreme maneuverability, a unique combination among RC aircraft. Where traditional fixed-wing RC aircraft require a runway to take off and a broad field to fly, an RC helicopter lifts straight up without a runway and can operate in a smaller area if necessary. Among RC helicopters, there's a wide variety of models with different capabilities meant for different tasks and skill levels. Anyone interested in flying RC helicopters should start out by learning more about them.



Visit your local library and check out books on remote-controlled aircraft, including helicopters. Some books generally describe RC flying, while others focus on RC helicopters, featuring in-depth technical details about various models and information about how to fly them.
Log on to Internet sites built by RC helicopter enthusiasts, such as RC Helicopter Fun, RC Helicopter Tips, Helicopter RC Site and RC Geeks to read articles and instructional guides about RC helicopters, watch RC helicopter videos and interact with RC helicopter enthusiasts around the world.
Identify the local RC airplane and helicopter flying club(s) in your area and join them. RC clubs include seasoned flyers as well as new enthusiasts, and are a great source of encouragement, advice and guidance based on years of experience. They can also help direct you when it's time to buy your first RC helicopter.
Talk with someone you know who owns an RC helicopter. Ask him about the various types of helicopters, popular brands and prices, flying techniques, helicopter safety and anything else you want to know about flying an RC helicopter. If you're nice, maybe he'll even let you take his out for a fly!
Join the International Remote Controlled Helicopter Association (see Resources for link), which hosts training and demonstration events, provides online resources and earns members discounts on new RC helicopters and equipment. You can also locate local RC clubs which may be affiliated with the IRCHA.
Buy a beginner's RC helicopter and start flying. Experience is often the best teacher.

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