Is It Too Wet To Go Outside And Play With Your Remote Contro

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Is It Too Wet To Go Outside And Play With Your Remote Contro

Postby clark1965 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:15 am

If you’re not in to RC boats, and/or the yard is soggy from rainy weather, why not just stay inside, and power up the remote control toys that you play with indoors?

You have plenty of choices for indoor RC play.

Explore the depths of your fish aquarium in a submarine, or take that sub to the bathtub along with your other boats, and create a little marina.

Get out those slow flying airplanes, and the light helicopters. Manufacturers design a wide variety of flying models for indoor use. Some of those planes and helos are such mild flyers that only extremely mild weather conditions allow them to operate outside. The slightest wind pushes them around, and sometimes knocks them out of the air.

Maybe you’re like me, and get most of your indoor RC pleasure with the family cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, racecars, and RC construction toys.

I like designing, and creating, indoor cities and event centers for the cars and trucks.

Here are a few of my project ideas:

♦ Oval racetrack.

♦ Straightaway drag and funny car strip.

♦ Figure eight demolition derby track.

♦ Obstacle course with remote control toy sized traffic cones.

♦ Cities with neighborhood roads, and freeways – lined with parking garages, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and homes.

♦ Airports with three or more operating runways, control towers, and terminals.

♦ Highway systems with looping and stacked roads going from city to town.

Projects like these give me hours of RC hobby fun. First I start with the idea, and draw up a blueprint to show how the finished project will look. Then following my blueprint design I build the activity center.

For even more hobby enjoyment I fire up the RC construction toys for the assembly phases of my project.

I don’t do any digging indoors. But I do use the excavators to help the cranes do the work of lifting the building materials into position.

There’s no leveling work needed, so I put the front loaders to work with the forklifts. That construction equipment carries the materials from the flatbeds to the waiting excavators and cranes.

Semi trucks deliver the larger materials to the construction site, pulling it in on the flatbeds. I drive the smaller construction parts to the build site with the dump trucks.

Once the construction is complete the fun continues.

I get hours of fun flying into and out of the airport, or driving from city to city, and driving around town on business. In my leisure time I go to the racetrack to relax. Or I’ll venture into my highway system, and find a rural road for a nice country drive.

These event centers, whether indoor or outdoor, give even more pleasure when the grandkids come around to play. They give the kids hours of fun too.

To extend you RC hobby activities I recommend you design your own remote control toy event center, build it, and then invite the kids, grandkids, or some friends over to play.
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